Why Chainsaw Carvings?

Hodne Chainsaw Carvings

Hodne Chainsaw Carvings are created by Brad      Hodne and family, originally of Winfred, South Dakota outside of Madison.  The chainsaw carvings began around 2004 with a small, carved bear. 
     From there, his specialty turned to 'Welcome' bears and later to eagles. Since then, Brad has taught himself how to carve just about anything and anyone.  
   What started off as a hobby has now grown into a business.

     The biggest event of the year is the Prairie Village Jamboree in Madison, South Dakota, in which Brad showcases his abilities to his hometown.  
     Brad now lives outside of Colman, SD and does all of his carving in his shop there.  If you live nearby, this is the easiest way to shop for a carving if you missed prairie village.  

     Brad's techniques include the usage of many different sizes of chainsaws, and an airbrush paint gun for the finishing touches. 
     Carvings that have a more rustic look are applied with stain or are given details with a torch. All carvings have a protective sealant when finished to protect your carving from weather damage. 
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